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The Pony Club
The Pony Club has four main purposes: rescue animals, provide therapy and service animals to those in need, training, and provide a better registration system.
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The Pony Club Certification

pet level

Owning a miniature horse does not make someone a good pet owner. It is important to know details on feeding, grooming, shelter and the fundamentals of training. We teach the owner what they need to know in order to have a happy, healthy and well behaved horse.  This is more about training humans than animals.

therapy level

Working with children, veterans and the elderly can be extremely rewarding.  The therapeutic benefits of this therapy are documented in countless studies.  We continue training of humans and animals to very specific therapeutic goals.  We test both animal and human before granting TPC certification.

Service level

The Pony Club’s service training is similar to that of the more established system used for dogs except for the special differences (both advantages and disadvantages) that come from using a miniature horse. One of the major advantages of using a miniature horse for service is its extremely long lifespan of over 35 years.

Save Rosie

The Pony Club rescued a mini donkey named Rosie. She was found at a kill auction after being dragged to the point where the fur and skin had been worn off her legs. You could see the tendons, muscles and bones.  Her skin was severely infected with a fungus and she had severe lice.  Her nutrition was so poor that her hooves were cracking and large pieces had broken off completely.  We have taken her to our vet for a full evaluation and a round of shots.  We have begun a daily routine to protect and treat the wounds on her knees and skin.  Our farrier (foot specialist) has trimmed her hooves and we have regular treatments to help her recover.  She is the sweetest animal at our ranch but is in desperate need of donations to get healthy again. Please donate to save Rosie. She appreciates it.
A Global Problem

Fake Service Animals

The Problem

Over the last 10 years, the amount of animals with therapy and service vests, badges and paperwork has skyrocketed. Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of these animals are just pets that people would like to accompany them into hotels, restaurants and airplanes.

It is so easy to fake

There are several websites where anyone can order therapy or service vests, badges and other ID with no proof of certification required. They abuse the American with Disabilities Act, which forbids store owners to ask for validation of certification.  A law designed to protect the needed is being abused to protect fake certifications.

Our Registry

The Pony Club’s new registration system requires a vest to be worn showing an ID number for each animal and the website to look it up for verification. It is fast and simple for anyone to verify an animal and its trainer. Best of all there is no effort needed by the handler to prove the validity of certification. We want this format to become law.

What we do

The Pony Club Donations

Rescuing Pets

We start by acquiring animals in need of care. Some have been abused and sent to kill auctions.  If we do not save these animals, they may face a horrible death.

Animal training

We work with top veterinarians, trainers and nutritionists to make these animals healthy. We also train them for therapy so they can help humans get healthy.

Finding Pets a Home

While some of the animals will stay with us and continue therapy work, others will be sent to learn service work for the blind. For some animals we will work to find them a good home with good people.


Population control is an important issue with ponies and miniature horses so we have all of our animals professionally gelded.  There are plenty of amazing horses in the world already.

Our Amazon Wish List

Some people prefer to purchase products instead of sending money.  To make this easier for everyone we have created a wish list on Amazon.  The button below will take you to a HUGE list of items we need desperately for the daily care of the animals.  Click on the button and it will take you directly to the Amazon Wish List where you can make a purchase and it will ship directly to our facility!